Those new to yoga as well as more experienced students will enjoy the wonderful benefits of  yoga by committing to a yoga practice ~ see what students are saying…

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I wanted to THANK YOU for being at the library and giving all of us the opportunity to enjoy your chair yoga class.
What FUN we all have each and every time we are with you!

I remember when I started in the group.
I was so sore and broken.
My physical health was so poor!
And now (because of your class) I feel strong and ready to take on the world!!!!

Thank You SO Much Joan!
I hope you know what a wonderful time you gave me!

I have been an active member of the Chair Yoga class since it began in July of 2014. I love the class & what it has done for me health wise. I know I would not be moving the way I do if this class did not exist. Recently I had a bad fall in the house & injured my knee. Due to my involvement in the classes plus doing the poses on my own the past 3 years & physical therapy my recuperation went very well & quickly. Even surprised me. I am so thankful to the library staff for accommodating us the past 3+ years & for our wonderful instructor Joan. I cannot imagine our community without the library. Our kids were regulars there while growing up. As for me I would not have the movement in my body nor would I have recuperated so well from my fall. I would not have met so many great women & formed the friendships that I have made with my wonderful classmates & Joan our instructor. My doctors all keep telling me, don’t stop doing yoga & don’t stop attending the classes.

What I find most beneficial about my yoga practice is I’m learning how to relax with the help of the breath, because of my yoga practice I am in less pain. Joan is a very personable and knowledgeable yoga instructor.

I just have to write to let you know that tonight was awesome! I’m finally getting it! I have always had a hard time relaxing but tonight I felt the conscience calmness and it felt great.
Thanks for your dedication in teaching yoga. Your love for what you do shines through with every class.

I attend Joan’s chair yoga class, I have MS and there are a lot of things I cannot do, yoga is one thing I can do. I always feel so much better after class. Yoga has helped me to calm down, I stop take a breath and relax.

I had been looking for a Yoga class to join and I came across Joan at Jacob’s Well. From the very first class I knew I had found a perfect fit for me. Joan is very doting on her students, always making sure everyone is comfortable and doing their poses in perfect form.
I signed up for her classes in January and have no plans to stop.
Joan also does Restorative Yoga that is awesome! If you need to connect back with yourself , to relax and renew, you will be amazed at what these restorative classes can do for you.
If you’re thinking of trying a Yoga class or if you’d like to continue a Yoga practice but are looking for a change I highly recommend Joan.
You will not be disappointed.

My daughter and I attended the Restorative Yoga class and I can say that I felt more relaxed and centered after having practiced the poses presented by Joan. It is a wonderful experience that I intend to repeat often. The practice of Restorative Yoga is a pathway to a healthy mind and body by helping to relieve some of our daily stress, calming the mind and refueling the body.

My mom and I just took our first Restorative Yoga class last night with Joan and the experience was so nice, calming and relaxing. We were guided into 4 poses using props that we stayed in for approximately 20 minutes a piece and it allowed our bodies and minds to come together to find an inner peace. I have a tendency not to be able to “shut my brain off”, and with the Restorative Yoga- I found myself giving in to the poses and was able to quiet my mind. Joan made sure each of us was positioned correctly and that we maintained the proper body alignment. I can’t even describe the peaceful feeling I had leaving and being able to be relaxed throughout the night.

I have taken her regular Yoga classes as well and can tell you that Joan’s goals for us is to be in sync with our bodies and to let her know what isn’t working for us so that she can guide you into the correct positions so as not to hurt yourself.

She is gentle, calming, funny and a joy to be with at our sessions. I cannot wait for her next session to begin! I will also be keeping my eye out for another Restorative Yoga session with Joan & my mom!

I’ve just experienced my first Restorative Yoga session with Joan. The session consisted of four sustained relaxation poses over the 90 minute class. Limited to a small number of students, Joan was able to adjust each person’s pose for maximum results. I found the experience to be totally relaxing, and well….’restorative!’ I felt completely renewed, peaceful, happy, and safe. I felt as though I was doing something really positive for my being and for my health. I am glad that I attended and learned first-hand the healthful benefits of Restorative Yoga.

I’ve also enjoyed participating in Joan’s Hatha Yoga classes these past few months, as well. There’s a range of ages (and stages) in the class, and Joan meets you where you are, whether a beginner or a ‘more seasoned’ student. With her guidance, I’ve come to enjoy increased flexibility, balance and core strength. ‘It’s like magic!’ Thanks, Joan!

Like most women with hectic lives and an abundance of stress, we put ourselves last when it comes to time allocation. My New Year’s resolution was to carve out some “me” time at least once a week. Last week I attended my first restorative yoga class, and I can honestly say it was the best thing I did for “me” so far this year! The warm room dimly lit by candlelight with the scent of lavender allows you to quiet the chaos in your mind and let your spirit be transported to a calmer, more peaceful place.
Thank you, Joan.

Joan and yoga have become a wonderful addition to my hectic schedule. I tried the restorative yoga last night and it was wonderful. She is really a great leader. My only complaint is that there is not a class available every evening because I would love more. Don’t be intimidated to try. You will thank yourself.

I am fairly new to Yoga but find it to be a good fit for me. It is very soothing and relaxing, but not strenuous and is so good for my body especially for my lower back. I look forward to this time for myself every week and cannot say enough positive things about Joan, She is a wonderful instructor, attentive to everyone, always cheerful and continues to find new techniques for her classes. I would recommend this class for all ages. A very good stress reliever!

I recently began practicing yoga with Joan because it was recommended by a coworker. I had been suffering from residual pain from work injuries and didn’t immediately sign up as it took a year or two. So for the past few months I’ve been training for my first attempt at a marathon and was suffering back pain during my runs. I was again steered towards yoga as an alternative to therapy and decided to try it. I really began to enjoy the discipline and serenity I was experiencing. Yoga has helped me gain flexibility, strengthened my core and my back pain is no longer a factor. Last week on October 26th, I ran and completed my first marathon in Washington D.C. and I couldn’t be happier. I honestly believe that yoga has helped overcome some the physical adversity I was facing. Thank you Joan, see you on the mat.

I started yoga with Joan about 6 weeks ago. I knew with my arthritic hip that I needed to keep my flexibility and with Joan’s yoga knowledge she is able to advise me and modify the positions to meet my needs. Within this short period of time, I am feeling so much better mentally and physically. Daily stresses no longer consume me because of the breathing techniques Joan has taught me. I can get myself refocused and back on track. Joan has also taught me a few restorative poses which again take me from a stressful mode to one that is peaceful and relaxing.

Joan’s Restorative Yoga class is completely rejuvenating! It truly combats the negative effects caused by my hectic lifestyle. Her teaching style and the practice of Restorative Yoga would benefit women of any age, fitness level or health. I am so glad I’ve been introduced to it by Joan!

“My daughter has been going to Joan’s class for a few years & absolutely loves it! Joan has a such a positive & fun attitude that the kids really enjoy! We are lucky to have such a great resource in our neighborhood!”

Was so happy I took that first step after a long difficult year to join Joan’s yoga class. Perfect class for beginners or those of us who have been out of practice for awhile. Joan was very helpful and not for a minute did I feel out of place, very friendly atmosphere and look forward to continuing in this class!!! Would highly recommend for anyone who may be apprehensive about getting started again!!

I participated in Joan’s restorative yoga class for the first time last night and I can’t begin to express how much I loved it! Joan was wonderful in helping me to get in comfortable positions for the different poses. I loved the extended time in the poses. It’s hard to explain that I was so relaxed I was able to just be in such a calm state. I felt so peaceful and as if things I’d been carrying as burdens were lifted or lightened. I’m so thankful that my friend introduced me to this class and Joan. Simply delightful.

I’ve only attended 2 Restorative sessions and 1 regular yoga session at Jacob’s Well thus far, but I feel the difference. My only complaint is I’m unable to go on a daily basis.
During my first session of Restorative, I found myself not being able to concentrate on the subject we were meditating on, and when Joan started telling us to let the chin, throat and tongue loose and breathe, I realized I wasn’t even breathing.
I know, I know…sounds odd. But I was not breathing and when I thought about it, that is a habit of mine. I hold my breath, while doing something until my body forces the outlet.
I am now focusing on my breathing and feel so much better. AND, once I start my breathing and am relaxing pre-yoga, I could fall asleep in a minute! My whole body seems to be floating…even though I’m lying on a floor.
I could write a book, but just go to a session and check it out….in the meantime, BREATHE!

Restorative yoga class for cancer patients
The class was amazing. I happen to see some of the patients the next day and they were still raving about it. And asking me when we would be offering it again. I think the experience of being so catered to and cared for with their comfort being the most important thing really made them feel good! Holding the position without any effort but all the benefits was interesting for me and I’m sure the patients too. A patient who has lung cancer stated she noticed she was able to breathe more freely and more deeply when in some of the positions. Thanks again Joan for introducing the patients to another beautiful form of self-care and healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

The most relaxing hour-and-a-half I’ve spent in years. A peaceful, serene room with no distractions, just quiet, calm and wonderful. I took this class to help with headaches and I went home and slept the best I’ve slept in months (the headaches usually keep me up.)
I highly recommend this wonderful class.

Mother McAuley High School was thrilled and delighted to have Joan teach a Mother/Daughter yoga class on our campus this summer. We were simply blessed to have Joan be a part of our Summer of Fun and Fitness program. Joan led a yoga class outdoors on our campus. It was such a fabulous experience for both mothers and their daughters to spend quality time together while doing a yoga practice. We are thankful to have had such a talented and spectacular instructor! The benefit of being able to practice outdoors, right in our neighborhood was superb!

What a treat! Just practiced yoga outdoors for the first time… My mat on the soft grass and a lovely tree above me. I think I just discovered my new favorite thing. Thank you, Joan Zigulich for offering an outdoor yoga experience in our neighborhood!

I suffer with a lot of pain for which my doctors prescribe strong drugs. I also suffer with severe balance problems. Since, I started Restorative / Hatha yoga at Jacob’s Well Church in Evergreen Park Illinois, I have not had to take any prescription pain medicines. This is huge for me. Joan Zigulich is a wonderful teacher that really goes out of her way to help her students to get the most out of her classes. I highly recommend this program to everyone.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Joan’s yoga class at Jacob’s Well. I have had a hard time finding something that I can handle as well as enjoy the positive results. I have fibromyalgia and between eating gluten free and attending yoga, I have never felt better. I am able to handle more physical activities and get back into better shape. I also feel more energetic all day when I do a couple poses in the morning. I always look forward to my session on Wednesdays and love how we learn something new every week. My doctor loves my progress and I recommend this class to everyone I know, especially people with bone, muscle and joint problems since Joan understands everyone’s limits and accommodates everyone individually.

I took a restorative yoga class for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was very relaxing and comforting. I would definitely like to start incorporating this practice into my exercise routine. Joan is a great teacher, and.she has a wonderful way of making you feel very peaceful.

I attended one of Joan’s Restorative Yoga classes last week. It was a very pleasant and restive experience. The positions were easy to get into and maintain with the aid of available props. Joan, as ever, was instructive, supportive and helpful. Jacob’s Well provides a clean, warm and relaxing environment. I look forward to attending the next Restorative Yoga class. Mary

Trying something new can be a little scary sometimes. I decided to try Restorative Yoga for the first time through a class offered by Joan at Jacob’s Well Church in Evergreen Park. In her usual style, Joan created an environment of peace and joy. She exudes a calm presence, thoroughly explains and demonstrates the poses, and just when we all need it, she sprinkles in her delightful humor. I found Restorative Yoga to be exactly as the name suggests… restorative. For me, it was comforting, nurturing and relaxing. I liked using the different props that Joan supplied, and holding the poses for a more extended time. I definitely intend to do more of this.

Joan’s Restorative Yoga class was amazing! Each pose helps you to experience a level of relaxation and restoration. Joan is very intuitive to her yoga students’ needs and is easily able to help you to ease your way into a pose in the most comfortable way. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to relax and restore!

I took Joan’s restorative yoga class yesterday. This is the first time I’ve ever taken this type of class. I can’t say enough good things. The most relaxing, peaceful and stress free morning I’ve spent in months. Joan has such a calm presence and made me feel comfortable immediately. Thank you so much and I look forward to further classes.

Huge praise for Joan’s new restorative Yoga class. It felt like a pampering warm hug. In these insane & busy times, it was wonderful to take a break to soothe my body & mind. Joan is a wonderful instructor whether you are a beginner or have been doing Yoga for a long time! Highly recommend both the restorative yoga & Hatha yoga.

I would just like to say thanks to Joan for introducing my daughter to yoga and giving her a wonderful experience. Joan is truly amazing with kids and makes it more fun then work. My daughter has taken the skills she has learned in class and practices now daily at home. We look forward to attending her kids yoga classes in the future. Melanie

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